Green Waste Collection

Bring it to us

Our recycling centre not only exists for large companies and government agencies, but also for small businesses and householders to transport and drop off their own organic waste. Simply bring your green waste to our Collection Centre during trading hours where our helpful operator will assist you on disposing your green waste.

Our recycling centre is located at: 132 Burfitt Rd, Riverstone NSW 2765

Our trading hours are:
Mon to Fri – 7am to 5pm

We’ll come to you

Contact us on 96275758 for a quote for our bin services and to check availability in relation to 15 and 25 m 3 green waste bins.

The green waste collection process is extremely simple.

  • You provide the collection point and time.
  • Once you have filled up the collection bin, our truck and manpower will take care of the rest.


Cost Effective

We tailor solutions providing better collection efficiency and eco-friendly working principles, saving on both transportation, labour, tipping and environmental costs.


We simplify your business needs, through outsourcing your processes of green waste management, streamlining your time, effort, costing and most importantly we come to you.

No Exceptions

We accept all green waste materials including:

  • Tree stumps
  • Tree logs
  • Tree branches
  • Shrubs
  • Grass clippings
  • Palm material
  • Garden pruning
  • General garden waste
  • Noxious material
  • Fence paling

What we don’t accept:

  • Painted timber
  • Treated timber
  • Timber with glue (MDF)
  • Household waste
  • Food waste or scraps
  • Any contaminated green waste

Prompt Customer Service / Reliable service

We excel when it comes to offering fast services! We are committed to provide a fast and efficient service throughout the entire process, from organising, estimating, collecting and transferring, whilst also adapting to changes in your green waste and resource recovery management needs.

Tracking & Reporting

We use an innovative computing system that offers a high-level security and reliability. Regular reports can be provided to customers including details of collection times, locations, waste cost, volumes, recycling rates and environmental impact.

Buy Back Scheme

The North-West Recycling Centre buy back scheme enables our customers to purchase the organic material that we recycle for you. The products that
are created, such as compost, mulch and soil conditioners can be used for all types of purposes, especially in parks and gardens.

Extends Landfill Life

It is difficult to find suitable locations for landfills and at current rates of waste disposal, we are soon running out of space. By providing a green waste only recycling collection centre we aid the extension of current and future landfill life.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic materials decomposing in landfills generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas, which contributes to climate change and global warming.

Large concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, known as the greenhouse effect, can cause detrimental impact on both the ecosystem and the human health. According to the Environmental Protection Authority, organic waste management cuts greenhouse gases by reducing the amount of rubbish breaking down in landfill and saving energy during the production process.

The beneficial alternative that our company presents is by utilising the collected organic matter to replenish our soils and gardens through compost and mulch. Our system not only decreases business expenses but also protects the environment.

LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL branches/pruning cuts up to 2m long x 150mm diameter $33.00
HEAVYWEIGHT MATERIAL 90% of load consists of timber blocks under 1m long x 300mm diameter $54.00
LOGS over 1m long x 300mm diameter (require downsizing) $59.00
TREE STUMPS over 500mm diameter (trunk) with excess dirt removed $75.00
PALM MATERIAL                                                                                     RATE (per m3)
BLOCKS under 300mm long $115.00
CHIPPED (fronds and/or trunks) $40.00
LOGS over 300mm long $129.00
NOXIOUS MATERIAL (Bamboo, Coral, Privet, Lantana) RATE (per m3)
MULCH $137.50
LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL branches/pruning cuts up to 2m long x 150mm diameter $137.50
LOGS over 1m long x 300mm diameter POA